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Transformers Delivers Fireworks!

If you're looking for some Fourth of July Fireworks, Transformers: Age of Extinction will certainly deliver. In typical Michael Bay style, the newest Transformers film has plenty of special effects, explosions and an hour plus of continuous battle between the Autobots and their adversaries.

At the top of the film, Optimus Prime is discovered in the rubble of an old movie house and is brought back to life by Mark Wahlberg's character. Then the next epic battle begins with the CIA at the center of the drama. You'll have to see this 2 3/4 hour film for yourself to get the entire plot, but lets just say robots from the future battle bots of the ancient past.

I enjoyed the film and didn't realize it was almost 3 hours long, but some of the dialogue left a little to be desired, but you don't go to a Michael Bay film for the dialogue!

The Marion Centre Cinema's $5 price tag and refillable $7 large popcorn & $5 bottomless soft drinks make this an affordable experience to forget about life for a few hours.

To get all the Marion Centre Cinema movie times, CLICK HERE! As Fandango and many other sites seem to not have all their movie times and titles correct.


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