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Guest DJ: Local Natives

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Los Angeles-based indie rockers Local Natives teamed up with iHeartRadio to Guest DJ a radio station that represents them. Check out the band's top ten tracks below, as descibed by bandmembers Ryan Hahn and Kelcey Ayer, below.

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1. Anika, "No One's There

"We were in Melbourne, on tour in Australia, and we were browsing around, walking around, and we went into a record shop and this record was playing," Ryan Hahn tells iHeartRadio.

Kelcey Ayer adds, "The tones were really blowing us away. It sounded familiar, yet we’ve never heard it before, and every song we kept like nodding our heads like oh my god that bass line."

"I think when this song came on, it was kind of like the deal maker," Ryan says. "We went up to the counter and asked who it was and bought the record. One of those albums and songs that we’ve been listening to ever since."

2. King Krule, "Out Getting Ribs"

"I remember the first time hearing it, thinking this was a completely unique, original sound," Ryan says. "It’s just such an amazing song. We actually have tried our hand at covering it a few times, so hopefully we haven’t done a disservice to it. I just think he’s awesome, and I think that song is amazing."

3. The Clash, "Corner Soul"

"The Clash is obviously one of those bands you grow up hearing," Ryan tells iHeartRadio. "It took me a while before I realized how many interesting genres in music they were bold enough to tackle. Especially with Sandinista, they covered a lot of ground, and they became one of my favorite bands. This song in particular has such a cool sound to it. Thinking where they came from, just as a straight up punk band experimenting with dub and reggae and stuff and bringing all of these different sounds into the fold is kind of inspiring."

4. David Bowie, "Teenage Wildlife"

"David Bowie is probably one of my favorite artists of all time. This is from Scary Monsters – it’s like 1980 or something, before he did the Let’s Dance stuff but right after all the stuff he did in Berlin. It’s a song over the past year I’ve just been playing over and over and over."

5. Grinderman, "No Pussy Blues"

"We saw them at Coachella, and I swear to god it was like the best thing I’ve seen all year," Ryan says. "He literally spent the whole set running around, swinging his guitar around, and standing on the barricade between the audience and singing into people’s faces covered in sweat... They were so amazing, so it just kind of stuck with me. I think this song kind of represents you know what they do."

"It’s just amazing to see even at that age, to be just so such a bad ass," Kelcey adds.

6. Wild Beasts, "Two Dancers"

"I feel like they’re probably like our band’s favorite modern band," Ryan says. "We met them our first time we played SXSW in 2009. They came up to us at one of our shows and introduced themselves. They said they were from Leeds, and we didn’t know where that was (laughs). We were just like, 'Oh cool,' and we checked their music out when we got back and we were just blown away. [We've] been able to have become friends and cross paths a few times over the course of a few years, and I just think they continue to make amazing records and we’re all just such big fans."

"Kelcey adds, "Their latest one Smother is one of my favorites from the past couple years I’ve been spinning that like crazy. "

7. Orange Juice, "Rip It Up"

"The main dude from this band - Edwin Collins I think is his name -the only thing I knew about him was that song 'Girl Like You.' It was this huge song in the ‘90s or something, and I kind of worked backwards. Maybe I was late to the party, but I'd never heard of Orange Juice, and I checked it out and I’ve since become kind of obsessed with that band. This song in particular, it’s got a great music video too. Pretty ‘80s - jamming out, having a good time in an ‘80s looking room."

8. The Beach Boys, "Girl Don't Tell Me"

"I put this one on there because we’re all big Beach Boys fans. They definitely have more experimental songs, but this one is one where there’s no harmonies, there’s no real interesting production, it’s just very straight ahead, but it’s such a good song. Somebody told me that they - or maybe I read this somewhere - that they wrote it for The Beatles during Rubber Soul era or something like that... It’s just a song that I’ve kind of grown up around. My parents listened to the Beach Boys and I listen to them on family road trips and stuff and that was always one of my favorite songs."

9. Kurt Vile, "Shame Chamber"

"He’s one of those artists I feel like all of his albums you can just listen to front to back. You just put it on, and it’s so cohesive, and you can tell he really puts the time into crafting all the sounds. I had a hard time choosing a specific song, but this is kind one I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s from his new record and we’re all big fans of his, so we’ve got to see him play a few times this year."

10. Leonard Cohen, "Avalanche"

"We just went into a crazy Leonard Cohen phase when we were making our second record. [We] listened to him pretty nonstop, and this is probably the song I listen to the most. It’s just so powerful, just him and guitar, doing his little flamenco fast finger picking. So haunting and so dark and yet it’s just so simple... It’s one of my favorite songs."

Listen to Local Natives' Guest DJ'd Station on iHeartRadio

Photos by Shelby Case


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